Recreating React From Scratch (with Typescript!)

Annie Sun
Annie Sun
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Annie Sun
Annie Sun

React is by far the most popular web framework out there today. It's a really beautiful framwork, and I've always wonderew how does the magic work under the hood? This write-up explains how I tried recreating React!

Now React is a huge, powerful framework. and I am but a mere CS student, so my little recreation covers only a few key features of React. Topics I delved into include rendering, attributes, event handling, & hooks!


The core part of any web-framework is that it has to make stuff show up on the page. React uses a Virtual DOM, which now is a bit controversial, but I thought this method was easiest to understand and recreate.

Somehow I never really understood what "The Virtual DOM" meant until I realized it's just a fancy schmancy way of saying representing the displayed HTML as a Javascript object.

For example something like this in code:

    tag: "div",
    className: "container",
    children: [
        tag: "p"
        children: ["Item #1"]
        tag: "p"
        children: ["Item #2"]

Would map to something like this in HTML

<div className="container">
  <p>Item #1</p>
  <p>Item #2</p>

At it's core React is made up of basic building blocks that generate Javascript objects like so:

React.createElement("div", props)

How do custom components work? Well all components are functions, and these functions all return JSX which is just a cleaner way of representing those basic functions.

Custom components just return a pre-assembled collection of building blocks, which just fill in props as given.

  <Text>Item #1</Text>

Translates to:

  children: [Text("Item #1")]

And decomposing this function even more would result in something like so:

React.createElement("div", { 
  className: "custom-container-style" ## pre-existing prop
  children: [React.createElement("p", { 
    className: "custom-text-style", 
    children: [Item #1"] 


Future Plans